Arizona Yelp crew Flash Mobs Scottsdale Fashion Square

Flash mobs have been getting more popular in the last couple years and Arizona has had a few, most notably the No Pants Light Rail ride (which is happening again soon), and it seems the local Yelp crew decided to do a little flash mob dance-off in Scottsdale Fashion Square and got quite a crowd watching – then got kicked out… haha

At least they kept their pants on *shrug*

  • Anonymous

    For bonus points, Gabi and others are now banned from Fashion Square for a year. They do not take kindly to flashmobs.

    • Seriously?!?! lol… I can totally see asking them to leave but ‘banning’ them for a year? lol… stupid. They didn’t cause shoppers any danger or cause businesses from getting business or anything bad… sounds like a lot of bah humbug to me.
      I’m typically bah humbug but they’re being dumb about it.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously? They are banned? Maybe if they look at their W2’s, they’ll reconsider – I mean, it is Scottsdale after all.