Video Export Settings

I’ve gotten asked now a few times about how I export my videos after editing.  Let me first say that I am no video expert by any means… But I have a few friends that are, and in talking with them for far too long (and without getting into a ton of way expensive options) I’ve come up with the following process.

Currently I capture with a Flip Ultra HD and a Samsung NV24HD (update: don’t use either of these anymore).  I edit my video using Final Cut Express and when ready I use:
1) File > Export > Quicktime Movie…
– I also make sure the “make movie self-contained” is checked. That saves all the stuff I’ve done to the video and revisions, transitions etc.  This .mov is your source – you can always open that up and make changes later and re-export – so always save this version somewhere safe.
I then drag that file into MPEG Streamclip (free) to drop out a clean version for online. I use the following settings.

2) File > Export to Quicktime…
– H.264
– frame rate: current
– every: 30 frames (try auto)
– quality: Best
– data rate: auto

– HD 1280 x 720 16:9
– De-interlace Source Video

– Format: AAC
– Rate: 44.100
– Quality: normal
– Bit Rate: 128kbps

3) Upload to Vimeo and YouTube with good titles, descriptions and tags (yeah I know there are others but I focus on those)

May not be the best process but it has worked well and I get compliments on how good the videos look, however I’m always open to suggestions and love learning from the experts.
Let me know in the comments.

Embrace Failure and Learn From It

Failure is something that’s been talked about a lot lately in the entrepreneur world as it pretty much comes with the territory.  Failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it builds character and most of all it teaches you a lot – if you’re willing to see it that way.  In order to learn what doesn’t work you need to fuck it up once in a while, but what you learn from that is much better than the one guy who got lucky and won right away… because his fuck up has yet to come.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.
– Henry Ford