man vs wild seal wetsuite

Bear Grylls Makes a Wetsuit from a Dead Seal

So I’ve built and hacked some crazy shit in my years, I’ve been taught survival techniques in theory and practice and have camped for months at a time in the middle of nowhere Canada boundary waters. Few things I suck at like filleting a fish but I digress.

I love watching Man vs Wild and Survivor Man and Dual Survival etc etc… I like them all. So Bear Grylls is facing a chilly swim in the frigid waters of Cape Wrath, Scotland, and comes across the remains of a seal carcass and skins it to create a wetsuit from its blubbery hide.

I mean, can you doubt the guy is a badass? Really…

Never Underestimate the Power of Star Wars and Cute Kids

The power us geeks wield to make things popular on the web is undeniable. But in almost every person lies a geek; admitted or not, somewhere in every person theres a secret appeal to Star Wars for one reason or another. Some marketers figured that out and with some Star Wars music, a little kid in a Darth Vader outfit and the power of the force in a child’s mind… you get this epic Volkswagen Passat commercial that played during the 2011 Super Bowl.

I wouldn’t buy a Passat because of that commercial but I give major props to VW for making it awesome and harnessing the inner geek in everybody. I’m not sure how much that cost them to make especially with Lucas Film licensing but I bet it was worth every penny with as viral as the video went.

May the Force be with you.

EDIT: They just released a bloopers and deleted scenes video too.

ZX-10 vs RX-7 Drift Battle

Found this video of this ZX-10 drifting with a RX-7. Um… I can’t begin to explain how EPIC this video is… The rider is drifting around the turn, with a car right behind him, with his clutch hand down on the deck… Bad..ass.. I also dig the GoPro HD cam views on the riders visor and the r/c car. (I need to hook up mine to my r/c truck someday).

The sounds in this video are excellent as are the imagery, so hit the HD button, crank the speakers and go full screen… you can thank me later

Kick Dummy – wtf ouch!

Teaching girls to defend themselves is important… no issues there. Kicking a dude in the nuts… not the best way to handle that but that’s for another discussion. I had to laugh a bit at this video… it’s kind of painful to watch. But do girls really need a practice dummy to kick? I mean one or two practice ones and you pretty much got the point right?

Sledding behind a Jet

Sledding Behind a Fighter Jet

Sledding behind a Jet I caught wind of this on a military blog a few weeks ago and since I’ve been telling friends about it so I had to find it to show them. Evidently it’s a couple of pilots skitching/sledding behind a Swedish Air Force SAAB 37 Viggen.

I’ve done this behind cars back in the day but this is so much cooler. Anybody have a jet and an icy runway to taxi on? :)

When the Old Self-Proclaimed Experts Won’t Let Go

Once in a while a comic will crack me up. In the web industry I’ve dealt with this since having a company of my own in my early 20’s. Old guys with silver hair and pony tails have puffed their chest at me for years talking about their years of experience. Now I’m all but a handful of years away from having my own gray hair but this Dilbert comic made me laugh… Just so true.

I honestly think that most of this is going away though with the new generation coming into play. Most, not all, are staying up on new trends and practicing it while implementing it. I do that – I use almost everything that comes out, including web and mobile apps, and even games. They’re all trends and whether it’s a new framework or coding language or the newest game showcasing the latest in gaming-mechanics I need to know what’s going on and so do you. I don’t want to turn into that old guy that touts his expertise but no longer has any relevant information.

Do you see the industry making that change to evolve with the net? Or do you still see most people being stagnant experts?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.