Indie Film Gawd Bless America by @blakefreeman looks Awesome

I heard chatter of a new indie film coming out in 2011 about a guy who’s trying to expose the stupidity of the hardcore alien and ghost believers. Of course I had to search around to find it, and eventually I did.

The film is called “Gawd Bless America” (IMDB link) and looks be coming out in the spring of 2011. Watch the trailer and tell me you don’t want to see this film.

“Gawd Bless America” is a Documentary Comedy that follows Blake Freeman, who takes a morally and financially bankrupt 69 year old man named Leroy, on a Journey in search of the truth. Leroy has spent his life savings on trying to protect himself from aliens and paranormal ghost, by entrusting the help of psychics. Upon the discovery of Leroy’s plight, Blake decides he must take Leroy on a hilarious journey across the country to “uncover the truth” of all things paranormal. From Aliens to Voodoo curses, Blake takes on them all, by pulling pranks on the “so called” experts with hopes to ultimately prove to Leroy, he has been taken advantage of.

The end of the trailer is what cracks me up the most… Anyways, I can’t wait to watch this movie!

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