Bear Grylls Makes a Wetsuit from a Dead Seal

So I’ve built and hacked some crazy shit in my years, I’ve been taught survival techniques in theory and practice and have camped for months at a time in the middle of nowhere Canada boundary waters. Few things I suck at like filleting a fish but I digress.

I love watching Man vs Wild and Survivor Man and Dual Survival etc etc… I like them all. So Bear Grylls is facing a chilly swim in the frigid waters of Cape Wrath, Scotland, and comes across the remains of a seal carcass and skins it to create a wetsuit from its blubbery hide.

I mean, can you doubt the guy is a badass? Really…

3 thoughts on “Bear Grylls Makes a Wetsuit from a Dead Seal

    • Truth. We went with MRE’s (meals ready to eat; military food). They’re lighter and pack in/out easily and don’t require anything other than water and heat… aka less shit to carry. When I go camping I go camping, not back the truck up, turn on the satellite tv and cook smores. Like 4-8 weeks in the middle of nowhere, see nobody, hear no planes cars or boats. Carry your food, gear and canoe’s on portages between lakes and silence… lots of it. I’ve cooked fish out there but primarily due to the fact that I was with ex-military guys and firemen who knew how to fillet fish and I just worked on other stuff to contribute.

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