Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser

Okay this has got to be one of the cooler things I’ve seen in a while. Watch the video:

The bottom of the cup has a magnetic ring where the nozzle pops through and dispenses the beer, when you lift the filled up up the magnet cap at the bottom seals the up the hole. The cup gets filled with what seems to be the perfect head each time and the magnetic cap at the bottom can double as advertisement, which can be used later as a refrigerator magnet or something like that.

My only question is, if you set the filled cup down on something and it pushes up that tab, won’t your beer just drain out? Seems cool and I can see how it can fill a ton of cups really quickly and would be beneficial for stadiums and concerts to have but… But it would have to be cost effective to buy the special cups with the magic bottom.

Anyways, cool idea! Find out more at GrinOn Industries.