Lunar Eclipse like None Other in Our Lives

I’ve always been an astronomy geek and with this last week came about the Winter Solstice for us here on the North side of Earth. That’s when the Earth is tilted furthest away from the Sun and provides us with the shortest day of the year.

The cool thing about this time around is we had a Lunar Eclipse happen on the same night. THAT is rare – last time it happened was in 1638 (yes the year), 372 years ago. The next one is estimated to be in 2094 – I know I’m not going to still be kickin then so this was a once-in-a-lifetime event for sure.

Little visual explanation of what a Lunar Eclipse is below but it’s when the Sun, Earth and Moon all line up and the Earth is in-between the two and blocks the suns light when the moon crosses the umbra.
Geometry of a Lunar Eclipse

Anyways, enough of the astronomy lesson but I was really stoked to see this all go down but it was really cloudy here in the Phoenix Metro so I couldn’t see much of anything. So I found this time-lapse video of the event taken from Florida where he had a really clear shot throughout the whole thing… Cool stuff. My grade school and college instructors would be proud that I stayed out all night to watch this. But no aliens this time.