Wing Suit 720p HD Video Danger Close

Damn… this is my new favorite video. I love GoPro and I love this guy for doing it and filming this in 720p. Beautiful scenery and multiple angles and look how close he gets to the ground through that pass… wow…

2 thoughts on “Wing Suit 720p HD Video Danger Close

  1. kernelmann says:

    Hey Chuck, I landed at this page via your comment on a Pando Daily article; talk about serendipity. Absolutely loved your video. Awestruck by how close you got, at places. Just wondering, do you know how far and fast you travelled? And I suppose this is a pretty dangerous sport, far more so than say, skydiving. How do you plan the route, as in going through the crack and your expected elevation at that point? Is it possible to lose altitude if the wind conditions are different? Sorry, maybe too many questions there, but I just cannot get over how incredible and amazing it was, hence the curiosity.

    Take care man.

    • Hey kernelmann,
      Not sure how you thought that was me in the video but definitely not me. The guy is awesome though the the video is amazing to experience. Cheers :)

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