ZX-10 vs RX-7 Drift Battle

Found this video of this ZX-10 drifting with a RX-7. Um… I can’t begin to explain how EPIC this video is… The rider is drifting around the turn, with a car right behind him, with his clutch hand down on the deck… Bad..ass.. I also dig the GoPro HD cam views on the riders visor and the r/c car. (I need to hook up mine to my r/c truck someday).

The sounds in this video are excellent as are the imagery, so hit the HD button, crank the speakers and go full screen… you can thank me later

4 thoughts on “ZX-10 vs RX-7 Drift Battle

  1. @WOnet says:

    Awesome video. Too bad most people don’t realize how hard “drifting” is on a bike, and not ending up in a high-side. I love the use of the GoPro HD cameras. Definitely makes me really want to get one.

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