Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast does nothing better than an AppleTV

TL;DR – AppleTV does more and does it better.

I’m not impressed with the Google Chromecast. I got it in the post today like most people and when I got home from work plugged it in to the 55″ panel and started to play. Here are my initial thoughts.

  1. It doesn’t run on 5GHz networks… so to use it I have to switch to the regular network, when my laptop and ipad and iphone all use 5GHz.
  2. On the iphone/android/ipad it only currently works with the Netflix app, Youtube app, and Google Play (android); Which my AppleTv does with better video quality and no buffering issues.
  3. On the desktop, it currently only works with stuff that is IN a Chrome browser tab… as in I can’t play anything from my computer to it like movies or apps or anything that doesn’t live in a web browser. WHY? Airplay does all of that. (It mirrors it which is a pain but that’ll be fixed in Mavericks due out soon).

I can see it getting better with time but if you have an AppleTV, or Roku, or Playstation, or Xbox (I have all of them)… there’s really no reason to get a Chromecast. Yet. But for $40 – it could grow into something awesome. And if you don’t have any of the aforementioned hardware devices then Chromecast could be pretty awesome for you at a low entry cost.

EDIT: RWW covered the lacking 5Ghz issue

One Way Trip to Mars

NASA has been toying with the idea of sending a crew to Mars, and I don’t think they’ll have trouble finding a team of 4 or so to make the trip. Would I do it? Hell yes. But I feel I must say that if I had a family with kids and stuff I don’t think I would but a part of me would have regretted not going.

Is it a suicide mission? I don’t think so – there’s just currently no guarantee you would be able to come back. You’d lead the way and have your name known forever. And it’s not so say that in a few years NASA couldn’t send a return craft for you to use. Never know. I wouldn’t go with the hope of returning – I’d do it for science and to go somewhere where ‘no man has gone before’ (Star Trek reference). Ever heard of “Neil Armstrong”? Yeah, because he was the first to ever walk on the moon. He’ll live forever because of that.

Question to you is: If you were offered a one way trip to Mars – would you go?

There’s heroes and there’s legends – Heroes get remembered but legends never die