borrowed time short film

Pixar Animators make adult short film. Borrowed Time

I love animated films, always have, but as you know almost all of them, while good, are aimed at a younger demographic. This film, Borrowed Time, which has won several festival awards, is different in that it takes on a much more mature storyline. It was put together in five years by two Pixar Animators, Andrew Coats and Lout Hamou-Lhadj (co-directors) and an obviously talented team. If you don’t get the feels, something’s wrong with you.

A weathered Sheriff returns to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget. With each step forward, the memories come flooding back. Faced with his mistake once again, he must find the strength to carry on.

Watch “Borrowed Time” short below:
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Oahu Hawaii Trip Part 1 [video]

The start of our vacation to Oahu Hawaii. We fly Virgin America to Honolulu from San Francisco. Do Stand Up Paddling, and take a tour of the the south and eastern side of Oahu. Pali Lookout, Pillbox hike, Mokulua islands (the mokes), Lanikai beach, Waimanalo beach, Wainamu bay, Sandy Beach aka Break Neck beach, Kona Brewing company, Koko Head lookout. Continue reading


Valentines day is afoot. It’s a pun [video]

Valentine’s Day 2016 festivities with Amy. I shot and edited this in one day – just like a daily vlog – but I’m not doing that every day lol. We get breakfast at a local hole-in-the-wall, but awesome, spot. We get pedi’s cause she wanted to. We do some personal creative stuff at a coffee shop and do a nice dinner up on Nob Hill at an Italian joint. Hope you like it.
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Lands End Views in San Francisco [video]

Amy and I went on a walkabout to Lands End point in San Francisco. Despite a LOT of wind, and Amy’s blood drop outfit, and my vlogging camera battery dying; we had a great hike. We fought the wind physically and I fought the wind in post… I need to figure out a better way to film when it’s that sort of windy out.
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SF, Whiskey, and no Toilet Paper! [video]

For a quite a while (many years) now I’ve been inspired by so many great content creators on Youtube that are able to tell their story and/or give their perspective on things. I’m not so good at doing that; I am but only when in a very small group setting and with people I know and are comfortable with. I’ve tinkered with video in the past but I’m trying to go all in and become more comfortable in sharing my thoughts, life, and experiences. I’m still super awkward behind a camera, even if it’s me holding it, but I hope in time that will fade and it will become more natural.

So, that said, I’ve edited a bunch of clips I took and made something (somewhat) presentable as a v1. I’m not a vlogger; I just hope I can become one someday. Be sure to Subscribe to my channel! And please comment and hit that Like button!
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How to Eat Sushi

How To Actually Eat Sushi the right way

Sushi is one of those things that had to grow on me. Being raised up in the midwest and not stepping foot into an ocean until I was 20; it just wasn’t something that many people ate near me. Raw fish? ick.

Fast forward to today – I can’t get enough of it and I’m damn picky about how it’s made and where I eat it. I’ll hunt for the whole-in-the-walls with fresh fish and smile all the way home.

This brings us to a video from Munchies on Vice. Sushi Master Naomichi Yasuda teaches us the proper way to eat sushi.
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Trolling a Spammer

Like anybody on the web these days, I get spam, however I get a lot and once in a while gmail doesn’t catch them and filter them out. Most times I just hit the spam button and don’t look back – but this time I had a few drinks in me and I decided to reply – because why not. He hasn’t written back yet.. heh. Continue reading

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast does nothing better than an AppleTV

TL;DR – AppleTV does more and does it better.

I’m not impressed with the Google Chromecast. I got it in the post today like most people and when I got home from work plugged it in to the 55″ panel and started to play. Here are my initial thoughts.

  1. It doesn’t run on 5GHz networks… so to use it I have to switch to the regular network, when my laptop and ipad and iphone all use 5GHz.
  2. On the iphone/android/ipad it only currently works with the Netflix app, Youtube app, and Google Play (android); Which my AppleTv does with better video quality and no buffering issues.
  3. On the desktop, it currently only works with stuff that is IN a Chrome browser tab… as in I can’t play anything from my computer to it like movies or apps or anything that doesn’t live in a web browser. WHY? Airplay does all of that. (It mirrors it which is a pain but that’ll be fixed in Mavericks due out soon).

I can see it getting better with time but if you have an AppleTV, or Roku, or Playstation, or Xbox (I have all of them)… there’s really no reason to get a Chromecast. Yet. But for $40 – it could grow into something awesome. And if you don’t have any of the aforementioned hardware devices then Chromecast could be pretty awesome for you at a low entry cost.

EDIT: RWW covered the lacking 5Ghz issue

Insights from my first few days in London

I’ll do a nice writeup when I get back to the states but I thought it to be interesting and somewhat comical to send my insights while here. So I sit in a friends home about to traverse outward once again and I type this with two thumbs from borrowed wifi on my iPad mini.

For now.. A list:

  • Evidently in London the “ground floor” is the first floor as we say it. I sent a guy to the wrong floor for the “toilet” (not bathroom).
  • Despite what American tv tells us, nobody here calls the toilet a “loo” anymore. Reserved for formal situations anymore
  • “zed” is zero although most people say zero now.
  • The lift is an elevator.
  • There are ‘no public urination’ signs everywhere lol. Ill get a photo of that one.
  • Oh the subway is ‘the Tube’.
  • Also a “Chav” is a person nobody here particularly likes. Seems like a mix between a jersey shore guido/guidette and the American variant of gypsies. I don’t totally get it yet but they’re a thing here.
  • There’s a beer on tap most places that’s literally just called “wheat beer” lol. No name. Just wheat beer.
  • Lots of transient people downtown selling a magazine called “The Big Issue” that just talks about being homeless. Doesn’t look like anybody buys them.
  • and last for now… There is definitely signs of class segregation and issues with all that here. More on that in my post when I get home.

Well that’s all for now. Talk soon.
– Chuck
Kingston, UK