Strong Form of the Shoe Lace Knot

You’re Tying your Shoes Wrong. How to make a better Knot.

I’ve always thought that tying my shoes was a pretty easy thing to do but with recent pairs of shoes I’ve had difficulty keeping the knot tied even when doubled-knotted. The other thing that bothered me with longer more rigid laces is that one side of the laces always twists itself and into my leg… why won’t it lie perpendicular to my foot as I tied it? As stupid as it sounds I never really questioned the knot… but I should have. Watch this TED Talk from 2005 and learn the most simple way to fix all of these issues. Loop it the other way.

Cool huh? So dumb to never have thought of that; it’s just you never really question the most simple things in life… Maybe sometimes you should. I know you’re retying your shoes after watching that. I did. Enjoy and spread the love.


How to Quickly Cool the Inside of Your Hot Car

This is why I love the internet and sites like Reddit – because I learn all this random shit that once in a while comes in handy. If you were unaware, I live in Arizona – it’s really frickin hot here during May to September (aka right now) so this video find has impecable timing. If it’s 100-118° outside that probably mean the inside of your vehicle is around 140-160& when parked outside.

I’ve tried it a couple times already in the Arizona sun… seems to work enough to feel a difference but I seem to forget to bring my digital thermometer with me every day so I don’t have specifics. Can’t hurt to try right? Let me know if you’ve got it to work for you.

EDIT: Just noticed the video is down. Basically, open the drivers side window then shut the door. Walk around to the passenger side door and open and close it about 4-6 times. That cycles enough air in/out of the car to immediately lower the internal air temp. Shut the passenger door and get back in, roll up the drivers window and let the A/C do it’s thing with, in theory, less work.

Jinx the Dog wearing Gentle Leader Harness

The Gentle Leader Harness Is Not A Muzzle

I’ve been shocked at the number of people who have come up to me while I’m walking with my dog and made some sort of comment about her wearing a “muzzle”. So, this is my Public Service Announcement stating that THIS:

Jinx the Dog wearing Gentle Leader Harness

is called a Gentle Leader Harness (or easy walk harness). It’s a type of harness, like one that wraps around the dog’s neck or chest; it works well in correcting the dog against pulling during walks. According to the product’s website:

“When your dog pulls, pressure is applied to the back of the neck and bridge of the snout, the two areas mother and alpha dogs use to control undesirable behavior in the wild.”

Hey, it works… that’s all I can ask for in a $15 product that keeps my arm in my shoulder socket during walks.

It’s not a muzzle; if it were, it would be a crappy one. She is able to fully open her mouth to eat, drink, pant, or chew on her ball. (see image)

Jinx the Dog hiking with Gentle Leader Harness on

I’m not trying to sell this product by any means, I just want people to realize what this product is. When I walk my dog through the park on her leash, you don’t have to pull your children back telling them “that is not a nice dog.” You dont need to ask me what my dog did to make me put a muzzle on her. She’s a great dog – calm, great with children, doesn’t bark, doesn’t jump, and most importantly doesn’t bite, which is why she wears a Gentle Leader harness and not a muzzle.

K? Thanks

photo of moon on lunar eclipse

Lunar Eclipse like None Other in Our Lives

I’ve always been an astronomy geek and with this last week came about the Winter Solstice for us here on the North side of Earth. That’s when the Earth is tilted furthest away from the Sun and provides us with the shortest day of the year.

The cool thing about this time around is we had a Lunar Eclipse happen on the same night. THAT is rare – last time it happened was in 1638 (yes the year), 372 years ago. The next one is estimated to be in 2094 – I know I’m not going to still be kickin then so this was a once-in-a-lifetime event for sure.

Little visual explanation of what a Lunar Eclipse is below but it’s when the Sun, Earth and Moon all line up and the Earth is in-between the two and blocks the suns light when the moon crosses the umbra.
Geometry of a Lunar Eclipse

Anyways, enough of the astronomy lesson but I was really stoked to see this all go down but it was really cloudy here in the Phoenix Metro so I couldn’t see much of anything. So I found this time-lapse video of the event taken from Florida where he had a really clear shot throughout the whole thing… Cool stuff. My grade school and college instructors would be proud that I stayed out all night to watch this. But no aliens this time.