You’re Tying your Shoes Wrong. How to make a better Knot.

I’ve always thought that tying my shoes was a pretty easy thing to do but with recent pairs of shoes I’ve had difficulty keeping the knot tied even when doubled-knotted. The other thing that bothered me with longer more rigid laces is that one side of the laces always twists itself and into my leg… why won’t it lie perpendicular to my foot as I tied it? As stupid as it sounds I never really questioned the knot… but I should have. Watch this TED Talk from 2005 and learn the most simple way to fix all of these issues. Loop it the other way.

Cool huh? So dumb to never have thought of that; it’s just you never really question the most simple things in life… Maybe sometimes you should. I know you’re retying your shoes after watching that. I did. Enjoy and spread the love.