borrowed time short film

Pixar Animators make adult short film. Borrowed Time

I love animated films, always have, but as you know almost all of them, while good, are aimed at a younger demographic. This film, Borrowed Time, which has won several festival awards, is different in that it takes on a much more mature storyline. It was put together in five years by two Pixar Animators, Andrew Coats and Lout Hamou-Lhadj (co-directors) and an obviously talented team. If you don’t get the feels, something’s wrong with you.

A weathered Sheriff returns to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget. With each step forward, the memories come flooding back. Faced with his mistake once again, he must find the strength to carry on.

Watch “Borrowed Time” short below:
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Trolling a Spammer

Like anybody on the web these days, I get spam, however I get a lot and once in a while gmail doesn’t catch them and filter them out. Most times I just hit the spam button and don’t look back – but this time I had a few drinks in me and I decided to reply – because why not. He hasn’t written back yet.. heh. Continue reading


Red Bull Racing OffRoad on Texas F1 Track

Yes this is probably the coolest fucking video ever. The Red Bull Formula 1 car hits the dirt roads and city streets of Texas before going off-road onto the under-construction Circuit of the Americas track. The F1 Circuit of the Americas takes place in Austin, Texas on November 18, 2012

Watch this is 1080p and crank it up. It’s beyond amazing. I love you Red Bull for making this… thank you.

The track is actually pretty close to the Austin Bergstrom Airport (map)
OH… and MotoGP will be there too… so fucking excited for this.

More info and Tickets (when they’re available) –


Dubstep Mime Guy Videos

Sometimes you just need a little laugh. In our backchannel today Scott posted one of these videos and got me out of my client aggravation.
I like dubstep, it’s weird as fuck but I like it and it helps me get stuff done during the day with the rhythm. I typically can’t work with vocals in the songs so trance, techno and now dubstep takes over my ears during major work sessions. This guy just made my day though and made me laugh – here’s a couple of his videos.
If you don’t know what dubstep is… well, you’re about to get a crash course; hah. Enjoy

DUBSTEP MIME – Doctor P – Big Boss

DUBSTEP MIME – Benny Benassi – Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

Arizona Dust Storm 5 July 2011

Driving in the 5th July 2011 Arizona Dust Storm. News said it was around 70+ miles wide, a mile tall and moving around 55 mph west/northwest. Turned day into night pretty quick and my buddy and I were driving in it.

It rolled it quick from the south-east valley and just covered everything with sand and dust. We get these every year but not one this big – this one rivals the Arab-style Haboob storms. There’s nothing cool about these; allergies are going nuts and everything is dirty, again. Anyways – enjoy the video.

Edit: And I just found this AWESOME Time-Lapse of the storm hitting Phoenix by Mike Olbinski. Cheers man for that!

Edit 2: Video was picked up by AccuWeather located here

Hot Wheels Truck Jump

Team Hot Wheels World Record Jump

At the Indianapolis 500 on May 29th 2011, Team Hot Wheels broke the World Record for longest distance jumped in a four-wheeled vehicle.
The Yellow Driver, Tanner Foust (who also happens to be a badass rally driver), dropped down a 10 story 90 foot long orange Hot Wheels track to a jump launching him 332 feet through the air. Just amazing. The landing was a little sketchy but with all that suspension in that baja truck it absorbed most of what could have turned really bad. And good thing that tarmac to grass transition was flat too with him sliding around with the truck all loaded up on that side. Watch the video… It’s absolutely fantastic.

Renault F1 Song

Renault F1 Car can Play Music

Renault F1 SongThis is so awesome, only the gear heads will understand why I’m geeking out over this video… The Goodwood Renault Formula One Engineers fire up the motor and rev it out at super high RPM’s and then use a tuning program to vary the fuel input and engine RPM to play God Save the Queen… After that they rev it out again to warm it up then shut it down… crowd cheers. That is impressive and I love the show in the paddock/pits. Similar to NHRA how they blip the throttle to set the clutch but more technical and higher pitched. Enjoy

man vs wild seal wetsuite

Bear Grylls Makes a Wetsuit from a Dead Seal

So I’ve built and hacked some crazy shit in my years, I’ve been taught survival techniques in theory and practice and have camped for months at a time in the middle of nowhere Canada boundary waters. Few things I suck at like filleting a fish but I digress.

I love watching Man vs Wild and Survivor Man and Dual Survival etc etc… I like them all. So Bear Grylls is facing a chilly swim in the frigid waters of Cape Wrath, Scotland, and comes across the remains of a seal carcass and skins it to create a wetsuit from its blubbery hide.

I mean, can you doubt the guy is a badass? Really…

ZX-10 vs RX-7 Drift Battle

Found this video of this ZX-10 drifting with a RX-7. Um… I can’t begin to explain how EPIC this video is… The rider is drifting around the turn, with a car right behind him, with his clutch hand down on the deck… Bad..ass.. I also dig the GoPro HD cam views on the riders visor and the r/c car. (I need to hook up mine to my r/c truck someday).

The sounds in this video are excellent as are the imagery, so hit the HD button, crank the speakers and go full screen… you can thank me later