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Arizona Dust Storm 5 July 2011

Driving in the 5th July 2011 Arizona Dust Storm. News said it was around 70+ miles wide, a mile tall and moving around 55 mph west/northwest. Turned day into night pretty quick and my buddy and I were driving in it.

It rolled it quick from the south-east valley and just covered everything with sand and dust. We get these every year but not one this big – this one rivals the Arab-style Haboob storms. There’s nothing cool about these; allergies are going nuts and everything is dirty, again. Anyways – enjoy the video.

Edit: And I just found this AWESOME Time-Lapse of the storm hitting Phoenix by Mike Olbinski. Cheers man for that!

Edit 2: Video was picked up by AccuWeather located here

11 thoughts on “Arizona Dust Storm 5 July 2011”

  1. Mike Olbinski

    Thanks for the link man! I love your video of just driving right into it…I may have pulled over though :)

    1. eh more road hazards lol… nah it wasn’t that bad. I’ve driven in worse storms like blinded by snow. No biggie. Great time-lapse tho… damn that was nice.

  2. Nice job, Chuck. And better than most of the video I’ve seen at the news stations, too.

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