When the Old Self-Proclaimed Experts Won’t Let Go

Once in a while a comic will crack me up. In the web industry I’ve dealt with this since having a company of my own in my early 20’s. Old guys with silver hair and pony tails have puffed their chest at me for years talking about their years of experience. Now I’m all but a handful of years away from having my own gray hair but this Dilbert comic made me laugh… Just so true.


I honestly think that most of this is going away though with the new generation coming into play. Most, not all, are staying up on new trends and practicing it while implementing it. I do that – I use almost everything that comes out, including web and mobile apps, and even games. They’re all trends and whether it’s a new framework or coding language or the newest game showcasing the latest in gaming-mechanics I need to know what’s going on and so do you. I don’t want to turn into that old guy that touts his expertise but no longer has any relevant information.

Do you see the industry making that change to evolve with the net? Or do you still see most people being stagnant experts?

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2 thoughts on “When the Old Self-Proclaimed Experts Won’t Let Go

  1. NancyT says:

    Can’t speak for “most people”. There are certainly those that don’t want to make the effort to understand new technology. If I hear “but, I don’t have time for Facebook” one more time I might scream. This seems to be mostly among my 50+ cohorts, altho some young people are resistant also. Its a daunting task to keep up but our business requires an effort, at minimum!

    • Hey Nancy thanks for commenting.
      I see that most of it is just people are set in their ways and they always tend to reject new things. Like ultra-late adopters. The problem with that is they’re left behind and their only response to that is anger and that it’s “stupid”. Common for people to discard what they dont know unfortunately

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