Embrace Failure and Learn From It

Failure is something that’s been talked about a lot lately in the entrepreneur world as it pretty much comes with the territory.  Failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it builds character and most of all it teaches you a lot – if you’re willing to see it that way.  In order to learn what doesn’t work you need to fuck it up once in a while, but what you learn from that is much better than the one guy who got lucky and won right away… because his fuck up has yet to come.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.
– Henry Ford

2 thoughts on “Embrace Failure and Learn From It

  1. Tyson Crosbie says:

    Imma let you finish but *I* had the biggest failure of the year. ;) Good to see you blogging. You’ve got a good audience, and I like your thoughts.

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