Oahu Hawaii Trip Part 2 [video]

In this vlog we take a short day hike up to Manoa Falls; the tallest accessible waterfall on Oahu. Located through the valleys that inspired Jurassic Park movies inside the lush Koolau mountains, this fun little hike has some amazing views. The hike is easy, and there there’s easy parking at the trailhead and only costs a couple bucks.

Let’s chat quick about editing. The first Oahu vlog is the first time I had used music in an edit; (Remember I’ve never edited video before doing these). That first vlog, I thought, turned out great and I was stoked to have the snap of my finger cut to the next scene with said music. It was too loud and I didn’t know about using the audio logic filters and now I listen to it and I just wish I could do it all over. BUT… that’s me learning in public. This one I got the levels much better and learned how to do crossfades and stuff and I’m really happy with this one. I haven’t really been creative in a long time; so it feels good to edit these and actually be creative. I love the ending edit – you like? LMK in the youtube comment section and make sure to subscribe for new videos. Cheers!

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