Insights from my first few days in London

I’ll do a nice writeup when I get back to the states but I thought it to be interesting and somewhat comical to send my insights while here. So I sit in a friends home about to traverse outward once again and I type this with two thumbs from borrowed wifi on my iPad mini.

For now.. A list:

  • Evidently in London the “ground floor” is the first floor as we say it. I sent a guy to the wrong floor for the “toilet” (not bathroom).
  • Despite what American tv tells us, nobody here calls the toilet a “loo” anymore. Reserved for formal situations anymore
  • “zed” is zero although most people say zero now.
  • The lift is an elevator.
  • There are ‘no public urination’ signs everywhere lol. Ill get a photo of that one.
  • Oh the subway is ‘the Tube’.
  • Also a “Chav” is a person nobody here particularly likes. Seems like a mix between a jersey shore guido/guidette and the American variant of gypsies. I don’t totally get it yet but they’re a thing here.
  • There’s a beer on tap most places that’s literally just called “wheat beer” lol. No name. Just wheat beer.
  • Lots of transient people downtown selling a magazine called “The Big Issue” that just talks about being homeless. Doesn’t look like anybody buys them.
  • and last for now… There is definitely signs of class segregation and issues with all that here. More on that in my post when I get home.

Well that’s all for now. Talk soon.
– Chuck
Kingston, UK

Nintendo Mario on iPad

When is Nintendo going to make iOS apps? [Updated]

MAJOR UPDATE 2016-12-15: Super Mario Run is in the app store!

(updates to this story posted below) – As far as I’m concerned, right now Nintendo is dead. We could get into numbers and market stuff but I don’t care right now. Let common sense guide you here. Nothing they’ve created since the N64, with slight exception to the Wii and 3DS, has been anything to really care about. The new Wii U is pretty weak and they just can’t compete anymore with the other consoles. Sony Playstation and especially Xbox are in a league of their own that doesn’t include Nintendo; just look at how Xbox is taking was trying to take over the living room and dominating with Xbox Kinect. Not to mention the absolute fail that is multiplayer on Nintendo Wii (and U).

Nintendo Mario on iPadAnyways.. back to the point. When is Nintendo going to release IP rights for Mario and the old popular games on iOS?
Would you pay $5 or maybe even $10 for Mario to play on your iphone and ipad? Fuck yeah I would! Super Mario Bros? Mario Kart? Zelda? Super Sprint? RC Pro Am? Pilot Wings? F-Zero!

COME ON NINTENDO! You’re slowly dying – this is by far the best way to save yourself. You don’t have to be Sega, people actually want to play Mario on iOS unlike Sonic.

I’m just waiting. It’ll happen. It’s just a matter of time… Continue reading

Isle of Man TT rider

Isle of Man TT Race HD Video Compilation

I love bikes and I love MotoGP and since learning of The Isle of Man TT I’ve been in love with that race too.

The race takes place the last week of May and the first week of June each year on the ‘Isle of Man’ island located between Britain and Ireland. The views are fantastic, the streets are narrow and often there are big drop-offs and cobblestone walls that these guys are inches from at speeds exceeding 180mph. There’s nothing safe about this and that is why it is the Greatest of Motor-Sporting event in the world. I hope one day I can travel there to watch it in person.

The original video I had shared has since been removed from YouTube but this one is just as rad. Enjoy and share.


Pippen Just Don’t Know. Jordan > LeBron

During a recent ESPN interview Scottie Pippen said that Michael Jordan “is probably the greatest scorer to play the game” but LeBron James “may be the greatest player to ever play the game.” Um, what the fuck is Pippen smoking? Is he not aware he has SIX Championship rings BECAUSE of Michael Jordan?

Let’s count stats shall we…

Michael Jordan

  • 6-time NBA Champion
  • 6-time NBA Finals MVP
  • 5-time NBA MVP
  • 10 NBA Scoring Titles
  • I could go on…

LeBron James

  • 2-time NBA MVP
  • ZERO Championship Rings

Perhaps this video will help you remember. I need not post every epic Jordan moment here however… How quickly they forget:

I’m a huge Jordan fan though. I grew up in the burbs of Chicago during the Bulls six-peat era (in which the 91-92 and 95-96 teams are still in the Top 10 Teams in NBA History) which probably spoiled the game of basketball for me… I’ve never enjoyed watching the game as much as I did back then.

Nobody has controlled their team like Mike did, nobody is as powerful of a threat as Mike was. I watched every game, watched every move he made on the court, studied how he controlled the ball, where his feet went, where his hips led him, how he moved the ball and even his eyes when they zoomed in enough. Jordan WAS the game – nobody can do what Mike did; not LeBron, not Kobe, nobody.

Nuff said – End rant.

Changes Underway at UpChuck – Standby

Not many people know of this blog and if you do it was for the food blog of Chuck… I’m repurposing the domain and pulling in a handful of loose ends and therefore aggregating that information into one site of general thoughts and information I share and find. I’m making this the one place for my non-industry blogging. I have some ideas for it (as I usually do) but I’m well aware of my lack of post repetition and my utter lack of time to work on personal projects but this is all meant to help with that. I have too many little things out there that are untouched and underutilized and UpChuck is now going to be the centralized location for all of that.

It’s taking me a bit to pull it all in and figure out how to specifically organize it on one site but that’s kind of the randomness that is me, and it’s just something I need to do after some thought. Does this mean I’m closing down the posterous site? Well, kind of. I’m going to leave all that data up there and untouched as most of it ranks fairly well (unintentionally mind you) but I’m more likely than not going to pull some of the more popular posts over here to reindex and ‘own’ them more-so than I do being hosted at posterous. (Posterous is dead as of April 2013).

I’ve also been moving hosting around and better grouping my stuff so I’m no longer paying for 4 different servers and dealing with the headaches that accompany that. Currently working on pulling all my stuff into this newly built WordPress Multisite install on one mega hosting platform and pushing domains to dedicated IP’s and all sorts of fun stuff. Need to move a lot more but going from four servers to one is going to be so awesome. Currently hosting with Digital Ocean and using Github for distribution.

As usually I’ll be working through the Holidays. Have a happy season and I’ll see you on the other side…

Horrible Logos does Rynoweb

I found out about this cool little deal that for five of your hard earned dollars you can get a guy to randomly sketch a ‘Horrible Logo‘ for you or your brand. I saw a few funny ones come out for my friends at Forty agency so I wanted to play too.  Here’s what he came up with:

Typical to get a rhino for ‘rynoweb’ but at least there was no web involved lol…

Get your Horrible Logo at – he also does too – some funny ones there too (like the one he did for Gangplank). Enjoy.

Wolves are Lonely

This print is still my favorite from Hugh MacLeod – to some it doesn’t make sense, but to those wolves (entrepreneurs) out there – you know.

Wolves vs Sheep Illustration

I think people forget just HOW LONELY it is at first, being an entrepreneur, being an artist, being someone trying to do something different or worthwhile. How tempting it is to just follow the herd [of sheep]. But that ol’ bordeom thing is the deal breaker.
Either way, we choose our own path, ultimately. That choice is rarely an easy one. C’est la vie.

To buy it, or to gift it to me (worth a shot right?) visit the GapingVoid Gallery

Video Export Settings

I’ve gotten asked now a few times about how I export my videos after editing.  Let me first say that I am no video expert by any means… But I have a few friends that are, and in talking with them for far too long (and without getting into a ton of way expensive options) I’ve come up with the following process.

Currently I capture with a Flip Ultra HD and a Samsung NV24HD (update: don’t use either of these anymore).  I edit my video using Final Cut Express and when ready I use:
1) File > Export > Quicktime Movie…
– I also make sure the “make movie self-contained” is checked. That saves all the stuff I’ve done to the video and revisions, transitions etc.  This .mov is your source – you can always open that up and make changes later and re-export – so always save this version somewhere safe.
I then drag that file into MPEG Streamclip (free) to drop out a clean version for online. I use the following settings.

2) File > Export to Quicktime…
– H.264
– frame rate: current
– every: 30 frames (try auto)
– quality: Best
– data rate: auto

– HD 1280 x 720 16:9
– De-interlace Source Video

– Format: AAC
– Rate: 44.100
– Quality: normal
– Bit Rate: 128kbps

3) Upload to Vimeo and YouTube with good titles, descriptions and tags (yeah I know there are others but I focus on those)

May not be the best process but it has worked well and I get compliments on how good the videos look, however I’m always open to suggestions and love learning from the experts.
Let me know in the comments.

Embrace Failure and Learn From It

Failure is something that’s been talked about a lot lately in the entrepreneur world as it pretty much comes with the territory.  Failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it builds character and most of all it teaches you a lot – if you’re willing to see it that way.  In order to learn what doesn’t work you need to fuck it up once in a while, but what you learn from that is much better than the one guy who got lucky and won right away… because his fuck up has yet to come.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.
– Henry Ford