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Insights from my first few days in London

I’ll do a nice writeup when I get back to the states but I thought it to be interesting and somewhat comical to send my insights while here. So I sit in a friends home about to traverse outward once again and I type this with two thumbs from borrowed wifi on my iPad mini.

For now.. A list:

  • Evidently in London the “ground floor” is the first floor as we say it. I sent a guy to the wrong floor for the “toilet” (not bathroom).
  • Despite what American tv tells us, nobody here calls the toilet a “loo” anymore. Reserved for formal situations anymore
  • “zed” is zero although most people say zero now.
  • The lift is an elevator.
  • There are ‘no public urination’ signs everywhere lol. Ill get a photo of that one.
  • Oh the subway is ‘the Tube’.
  • Also a “Chav” is a person nobody here particularly likes. Seems like a mix between a jersey shore guido/guidette and the American variant of gypsies. I don’t totally get it yet but they’re a thing here.
  • There’s a beer on tap most places that’s literally just called “wheat beer” lol. No name. Just wheat beer.
  • Lots of transient people downtown selling a magazine called “The Big Issue” that just talks about being homeless. Doesn’t look like anybody buys them.
  • and last for now… There is definitely signs of class segregation and issues with all that here. More on that in my post when I get home.

Well that’s all for now. Talk soon.
– Chuck
Kingston, UK

2 thoughts on “Insights from my first few days in London”

  1. Chris Claudio

    I found this your blog looking for a Steve Jobs quote and I like it so far. So interesting the information about London, I plan to go there later this year and see how it is.

    1. Thanks Chris – I never really got around to posting that other update after the trip.. got home.. got busy and just forgot. I should get on that huh? :)
      London was great man… I’m sure you’ll love it. Transportation there is phenomenal too!

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