Changes Underway at UpChuck – Standby

Not many people know of this blog and if you do it was for the food blog of Chuck… I’m repurposing the domain and pulling in a handful of loose ends and therefore aggregating that information into one site of general thoughts and information I share and find. I’m making this the one place for my non-industry blogging. I have some ideas for it (as I usually do) but I’m well aware of my lack of post repetition and my utter lack of time to work on personal projects but this is all meant to help with that. I have too many little things out there that are untouched and underutilized and UpChuck is now going to be the centralized location for all of that.

It’s taking me a bit to pull it all in and figure out how to specifically organize it on one site but that’s kind of the randomness that is me, and it’s just something I need to do after some thought. Does this mean I’m closing down the posterous site? Well, kind of. I’m going to leave all that data up there and untouched as most of it ranks fairly well (unintentionally mind you) but I’m more likely than not going to pull some of the more popular posts over here to reindex and ‘own’ them more-so than I do being hosted at posterous. (Posterous is dead as of April 2013).

I’ve also been moving hosting around and better grouping my stuff so I’m no longer paying for 4 different servers and dealing with the headaches that accompany that. Currently working on pulling all my stuff into this newly built WordPress Multisite install on one mega hosting platform and pushing domains to dedicated IP’s and all sorts of fun stuff. Need to move a lot more but going from four servers to one is going to be so awesome. Currently hosting with Digital Ocean and using Github for distribution.

As usually I’ll be working through the Holidays. Have a happy season and I’ll see you on the other side…