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Chuck Reynolds

WordPress. SEO Audits. Interpretive Analytics. UX. PM. Cofounder @Vuurr. Aerospace. Racing. MTB. GoRuck. Outdoorsman.

Chuck not so deep in thought

I’d like to write about that

This is a brain dump. I’d like to be able to write stuff… but I can’t. Partly because I never get a chance to not think about work stuff and think about what normal people think about that go home from work and don’t think about work… I wish I could clear the brain crack…

Jinx the Dog wearing Gentle Leader Harness

The Gentle Leader Harness Is Not A Muzzle

There is quite a difference between a muzzle and a harness for dogs, and yet, like most things with pet-ownership, people misunderstand them. This post is talking about the misconception of a dog’s harness being a muzzle and her being a mean dog.

Favre Deactivated

Favre’s Legacy

I grew up watching Brett Favre, who I wasn’t too fond of, but not because he was bad but because he was so damn good – He was my sports nemesis. He’s left himself a legacy, but is it a great one or a not-so-good one. I have an opinion like everybody else about it. Here’s my Brett Favre Legacy story.