First Official Gangplank Rides – Gila 620

The first ride in the Gangplank Rides series comes at South Mountain in Phoenix. We went out looking for the Gila 620 trail from a trailhead at the end of Chandler Blvd. I’m not familiar at all with that side of the mountain so the first time we went out we missed it and ended up having to bail out early to go back to the maps. This week we actually hit it, went the wrong way at first but at least we got on the right trail.

On this ride was myself @chuckreynolds, @chasers, @blafrance and @beaufrusetta. Riding the initial quarter-mile through the neighborhood to get to the trailhead I picked up a thorn in my tire… so that’ll explain the gps circling in that small area on the street. Changed the tube out in under 10min, then Chase fell because he’s not used to his clip-ins yet – made us all laugh and we carried on.

The ride wasn’t too tough but we’re all out of shape and took a few breather breaks. That lactic acid builds up fast! Overall a good ride, great scenery over there, nothing too technical, couple little washes that I’m not a fan of but a good ride none-the-less. Next time we hope to ride a lot more of the Gila 620 trail. Baby steps.

Phoenix South Mountain Helipad GPS route

GPS Route via AllTrails and RideWithGPS

One thought on “First Official Gangplank Rides – Gila 620

  1. Chase falling on his ass was epic…it was like “there’s Chase cruisin’ on the new bike…oh wait…there’s Chase…on the ground…” hahaha

    Can’t wait for the 2 rides this weekend! Bring it on Donkey Kong!

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