How to Quickly Cool the Inside of Your Hot Car

This is why I love the internet and sites like Reddit – because I learn all this random shit that once in a while comes in handy. If you were unaware, I live in Arizona – it’s really frickin hot here during May to September (aka right now) so this video find has impecable timing. If it’s 100-118° outside that probably mean the inside of your vehicle is around 140-160& when parked outside.

I’ve tried it a couple times already in the Arizona sun… seems to work enough to feel a difference but I seem to forget to bring my digital thermometer with me every day so I don’t have specifics. Can’t hurt to try right? Let me know if you’ve got it to work for you.

EDIT: Just noticed the video is down. Basically, open the drivers side window then shut the door. Walk around to the passenger side door and open and close it about 4-6 times. That cycles enough air in/out of the car to immediately lower the internal air temp. Shut the passenger door and get back in, roll up the drivers window and let the A/C do it’s thing with, in theory, less work.

Arizona Dust Storm 5 July 2011

Driving in the 5th July 2011 Arizona Dust Storm. News said it was around 70+ miles wide, a mile tall and moving around 55 mph west/northwest. Turned day into night pretty quick and my buddy and I were driving in it.

It rolled it quick from the south-east valley and just covered everything with sand and dust. We get these every year but not one this big – this one rivals the Arab-style Haboob storms. There’s nothing cool about these; allergies are going nuts and everything is dirty, again. Anyways – enjoy the video.

Edit: And I just found this AWESOME Time-Lapse of the storm hitting Phoenix by Mike Olbinski. Cheers man for that!

Edit 2: Video was picked up by AccuWeather located here


Pippen Just Don’t Know. Jordan > LeBron

During a recent ESPN interview Scottie Pippen said that Michael Jordan “is probably the greatest scorer to play the game” but LeBron James “may be the greatest player to ever play the game.” Um, what the fuck is Pippen smoking? Is he not aware he has SIX Championship rings BECAUSE of Michael Jordan?

Let’s count stats shall we…

Michael Jordan

  • 6-time NBA Champion
  • 6-time NBA Finals MVP
  • 5-time NBA MVP
  • 10 NBA Scoring Titles
  • I could go on…

LeBron James

  • 2-time NBA MVP
  • ZERO Championship Rings

Perhaps this video will help you remember. I need not post every epic Jordan moment here however… How quickly they forget:

I’m a huge Jordan fan though. I grew up in the burbs of Chicago during the Bulls six-peat era (in which the 91-92 and 95-96 teams are still in the Top 10 Teams in NBA History) which probably spoiled the game of basketball for me… I’ve never enjoyed watching the game as much as I did back then.

Nobody has controlled their team like Mike did, nobody is as powerful of a threat as Mike was. I watched every game, watched every move he made on the court, studied how he controlled the ball, where his feet went, where his hips led him, how he moved the ball and even his eyes when they zoomed in enough. Jordan WAS the game – nobody can do what Mike did; not LeBron, not Kobe, nobody.

Nuff said – End rant.

chuck south mountain helipad

South Mountain Helipad Route GPS

This was my first ride up to Helipad on South Mountain – always heard about it but I’ve never got the chance to head over that way. The ride this last Saturday was myself @chuckreynolds, @chasers and @blafrance. This was a good ride with some technical climbing and steeper grades than we’ve hit before so lots of lactic acid build up! haha… And the best part… coming down! Top speed was 16.7 mph on my gps, could have probably pushed that but next time for sure.

Initially we took a wrong turn but backtracked and found “thinkers saddle” and the start of the Helipad TT run. None of us are in shape to compete for the Helipad Time Trials of South Mountain but riding it more often will help with that for sure.

Ride Telemetry

Favorite this trip on EveryTrail and/or RidewithGPS


Phoenix South Mountain Helipad GPS route

Phoenix South Mountain Helipad GPS route

First Official Gangplank Rides – Gila 620

The first ride in the Gangplank Rides series comes at South Mountain in Phoenix. We went out looking for the Gila 620 trail from a trailhead at the end of Chandler Blvd. I’m not familiar at all with that side of the mountain so the first time we went out we missed it and ended up having to bail out early to go back to the maps. This week we actually hit it, went the wrong way at first but at least we got on the right trail.

On this ride was myself @chuckreynolds, @chasers, @blafrance and @beaufrusetta. Riding the initial quarter-mile through the neighborhood to get to the trailhead I picked up a thorn in my tire… so that’ll explain the gps circling in that small area on the street. Changed the tube out in under 10min, then Chase fell because he’s not used to his clip-ins yet – made us all laugh and we carried on.

The ride wasn’t too tough but we’re all out of shape and took a few breather breaks. That lactic acid builds up fast! Overall a good ride, great scenery over there, nothing too technical, couple little washes that I’m not a fan of but a good ride none-the-less. Next time we hope to ride a lot more of the Gila 620 trail. Baby steps.

Phoenix South Mountain Helipad GPS route

GPS Route via AllTrails and RideWithGPS

Chuck not so deep in thought

I’d like to write about that

I have a lot I want to say; I have a lot to say about a lot of things that I believe, for lack of a better description, would benefit many on a variety of topics. My problem is I’m terrible at getting that “brain crack” out of my head and onto screen or audio. I tried the audio notes thing but when I speak things out loud it still doesn’t come out right or as fast as it is playing out in my head. I can’t write either as fast as I’m thinking the things I want to write and I end up tripping over myself and not getting out stuff before I forget it. I end up editing and proofreading the stuff on screen already and optimizing every little thing in a post for search because I can’t help but to do it, which all aids in me forgetting where the hell I was going with a thought. I guess it’s hard to explain but I get great ideas of things to post, thoughts and ideas that from experience I know people could either relate or benefit from reading… I just suck at getting it out of my head…

Chuck not so deep in thought I’ve always kind of wanted to write a book or long story about how I came to be… the stuff that made me who I am today… the bad and the good… family shit that everybody keeps inside… why I hold the beliefs and opinions that I do… why I’m not big on having a family… why I’m a solitary person but like having a stable relationship… why I feel I don’t have really close tight friendships like I used to have growing up… why I used to have a lot of rage and be a violent person and how I overcame that… or at least hide it well… why sometimes I like hard death metal but also like club/techno/electronic music and why sometimes I want to listen to Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet… they have different effects on me and I use them to control my being… things I keep inside because I don’t want to deal with people’s reactions to them even though I don’t care what they think… why I want to actually talk about this stuff and why I think some people will read it and why I think a lot of people will think differently of me when and if they do… why I’d give a shit about that and why I wouldn’t… why I have certain regrets in life and how those came to be… people that I’ve hurt, intentionally and not… the shit that almost broke me but made me stronger…

but most importantly what I’ve learned throughout almost 33 years of being on earth and having many different environments, people, and situations confront me and affect who I am and maybe what people could learn from that, because at some point, whether people give a shit or not I believe in helping people as much as I don’t want to deal with a majority of them because they anger me. I assume if one person out of a billion can learn one thing from me and that makes them happy then I’ve made a positive change and I’m cool with that.

I need more time to think… the life and work that i’ve chosen keeps my brain wrapped up in a constant whirlwind of what needs to be done next, what isn’t done, what I can improve on, ideas for projects etc… I’m always busy, I forgot what it’s like to be bored… I kind of miss it.

I’d like to write about that… all of it. I just don’t know how…

Jinx the Dog wearing Gentle Leader Harness

The Gentle Leader Harness Is Not A Muzzle

I’ve been shocked at the number of people who have come up to me while I’m walking with my dog and made some sort of comment about her wearing a “muzzle”. So, this is my Public Service Announcement stating that THIS:

Jinx the Dog wearing Gentle Leader Harness

is called a Gentle Leader Harness (or easy walk harness). It’s a type of harness, like one that wraps around the dog’s neck or chest; it works well in correcting the dog against pulling during walks. According to the product’s website:

“When your dog pulls, pressure is applied to the back of the neck and bridge of the snout, the two areas mother and alpha dogs use to control undesirable behavior in the wild.”

Hey, it works… that’s all I can ask for in a $15 product that keeps my arm in my shoulder socket during walks.

It’s not a muzzle; if it were, it would be a crappy one. She is able to fully open her mouth to eat, drink, pant, or chew on her ball. (see image)

Jinx the Dog hiking with Gentle Leader Harness on

I’m not trying to sell this product by any means, I just want people to realize what this product is. When I walk my dog through the park on her leash, you don’t have to pull your children back telling them “that is not a nice dog.” You dont need to ask me what my dog did to make me put a muzzle on her. She’s a great dog – calm, great with children, doesn’t bark, doesn’t jump, and most importantly doesn’t bite, which is why she wears a Gentle Leader harness and not a muzzle.

K? Thanks

Favre Deactivated

Favre’s Legacy

First off I’m letting it be known that I’m a Bears fan; born that way, raised that way, and that’s not ever going to change. So there’s this rival team called the Packers and another one called the Vikings – neither of which I’m too fond of but they exist in my Division and by sport and man law, I despise them. Playing for them, they had a player named Brett Favre who I wasn’t too fond of either, but not because he was bad but because he was so damn good – he was my sports nemesis.

Favre DeactivatedI watched him play football for two-thirds of my life and always rooted against him but I respect the man regardless. He’s the only quarterback in NFL history to throw for over 70,000 yards, to throw over 500 touchdowns, to throw over 300 interceptions, and the only quarterback to have over 10,000 pass attempts. That’s a lot of interceptions right? Well Babe Ruth struck out a lot too, but he’s still one of the best players that ever played the game.

My issue with him at the end of his career really has nothing to do with Favre sending pics of his junk to some hot chick or all of the weird voicemails he left her. None of those. My problem is that Favre didn’t finish strong. He didn’t know when to quit and put a bad seal on top of his career which, in my opinion, slightly tarnished his legacy.

Brett retired a few times with the first being in 2008, ironically after beating the Bears at Soldier Field. The Chicago fans gave him a standing ovation. He went out with even his rival fans standing up and cheering for him because everybody respected him and loved what he did for the game of football. He cried at the press conference and had everybody’s praises and well wishes. He should have stayed retired. We all know the story… he came back, had some fights with the Packers, went to the Jets, got injuries, and blah blah eventually ended up with the Vikings. Which leads us to the photo.

Favre's Legacy

I found this photo and I think it really sets my point in stone. It’s a photo Favre laying motionless on the ground after getting taken down pretty hard at their last home game with Brian Urlacher looking down at him. It was the game the Chicago Bears went on to win to clinch the NFC North. Favre was already hurt in a previous game, which took him out and spoiled his path to 300 consecutive starts three games short. It was a game that he shouldn’t have started. He looked bad all game… all season in fact. Towards the end of the season you almost started to feel bad for the guy because he just couldn’t say no to the game. He still had his good times but he wasn’t the same player. They took him out of the game and they lost. Brett was deactivated. That was the last time Brett Favre played football.

I don’t think his legacy is ruined or completely tarnished – I’m just saying that when you talk about Favre in the future there’s always going to be the “he didn’t finish strong” thing there. He could have gone out respected and loved by everybody but I think his greed for the game and even possibly attention hurt his legacy. We all got tired of his indecisiveness and the media hyping up every press conference and hearing about Favre. It got to the point where he became kind of a joke and nobody cared what he did as long as he wasn’t in our face every day on ESPN. When he came back he wasn’t as good and then the photo. He could come back again next year but this time I don’t think he has a choice – I can’t think of one team that would take him after this last season and more injuries. He’s done.

Thanks Brett for all the good times and bringing the level of the game you did. Do us all a favor and accept the obvious. Retire and keep what Legacy you have left.

Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser

Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser

Okay this has got to be one of the cooler things I’ve seen in a while. Watch the video:

The bottom of the cup has a magnetic ring where the nozzle pops through and dispenses the beer, when you lift the filled up up the magnet cap at the bottom seals the up the hole. The cup gets filled with what seems to be the perfect head each time and the magnetic cap at the bottom can double as advertisement, which can be used later as a refrigerator magnet or something like that.

My only question is, if you set the filled cup down on something and it pushes up that tab, won’t your beer just drain out? Seems cool and I can see how it can fill a ton of cups really quickly and would be beneficial for stadiums and concerts to have but… But it would have to be cost effective to buy the special cups with the magic bottom.

Anyways, cool idea! Find out more at GrinOn Industries.