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When the Old Self-Proclaimed Experts Won’t Let Go

Once in a while a comic will crack me up. In the web industry I’ve dealt with this since having a company of my own in my early 20’s. This Dilbert comic illustrates what we deal with – I wonder if the new generations will continue to adapt instead of get old and stagnant. Read on…

photo of moon on lunar eclipse

Lunar Eclipse like None Other in Our Lives

The last lunar eclipse was on the northern winter solstice here in America but I didn’t get the greatest view. I found a time-lapse video that shows what most of us missed in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Changes Underway at UpChuck – Standby

I’m repurposing the domain and pulling in a handful of loose ends and therefore aggregating that information into one site of general thoughts and information I share and find. I’m making this the one place for my non-industry blogging. Read more about the master plan inside.