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Adapt and Overcome

I learned at an early age not to expect things and not to assume something was going to go a certain way. I learned that I was setting myself up for disappointment because, and I learned this over time, nothing ever goes as it’s planned or supposed to. In the military it’s called a SNAFU (Situation Normal; All Fucked Up) – everybody else just calls it life. I learned that if I really really wanted something and thought I was getting that cool expensive toy for Christmas, and come morning on Dec 25th it wasn’t under the tree – I was really upset and discouraged. Things hadn’t gone my way and it pissed me off. I felt entitled and cheated and it ruined my day/week/month whatever… bottom line is I neglected to see the good things that happened and the other cool stuff I got and the thought that went into all that stuff from Santa and my parents… I focused on the bad… and I let it destroy me. Read More »Adapt and Overcome