South Mountain Helipad Route GPS

This was my first ride up to Helipad on South Mountain – always heard about it but I’ve never got the chance to head over that way. The ride this last Saturday was myself @chuckreynolds, @chasers and @blafrance. This was a good ride with some technical climbing and steeper grades than we’ve hit before so lots of lactic acid build up! haha… And the best part… coming down! Top speed was 16.7 mph on my gps, could have probably pushed that but next time for sure.

Initially we took a wrong turn but backtracked and found “thinkers saddle” and the start of the Helipad TT run. None of us are in shape to compete for the Helipad Time Trials of South Mountain but riding it more often will help with that for sure.

Ride Telemetry

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Phoenix South Mountain Helipad GPS route

Phoenix South Mountain Helipad GPS route

6 thoughts on “South Mountain Helipad Route GPS

  1. Mat says:

    Hey, did my my brother (Drew) get a hold of you about joining our group at McDowell this weekend?

    • he did. I’m really swamped this week and undetermined if i’m actually going to ride at all… it’s possible but hard for me to get that far that early lol.. i’m a night owl. I think we can eventually when I’m not as swamped and working to 6am every night :/

    • DANG! hard core… I haven’t been riding cause I’m a baby in this heat but… thx for reading/commenting and for letting me know it’s a constant grind :/ 

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