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I know there are a bunch of how to use twitter posts floating around but I decided to wing this one when one of my client’s asked how to get better visibility on his twitter account. They have two, one of which I setup about 6 months ago and built it up to (at time of this post) just under 4000 followers with a page rank of 5 and have used that to build some good relationships with people using the web site, and the second is his new personal account.  So without just linking him to one of those posts, I winged it (for this blog, intentionally left out the account details).

Well here comes my little twitter pep talk :)
It’s okay to drop your feed to facebook but in order to really make it work for you…

Twitter works best by actually using it to talk to people and companies.  The reason the (1st account) account doesn’t really do much is because it only posts what people can already find on the blog… I’ve replied to anybody who’s ever said anything to @(1st account) and have built a couple relationships and people using the site that way but you need to reach out and interact with people and influential bloggers in your space.  Comment on their tweets as you would if you were in person talking with them, feel free to @ them and ask them something you’re interested in.  Like I always say; ‘be human’.  That’s the biggest failure among companies, CEO’s and PR people that don’t “get it”.  If it’s just another cold robot pushing news and press release links, it isn’t using twitter (the tool) to its full potential.

Hopefully it may help you understand too, or a quick way to explain it to your clients.

One thought on “CEO Twitter Pep Talk

  1. Tommy Pierucki says:

    No joke Chuck, but this post is so right on time. I kept looking at our twitter account and saying, man….that’s a twitter account talking at people, not talking with people. Twitter is all about joining the conversation, and our account wasn’t human. I’ve built relationships on twitter with my personal account and I’m nobody. The restaurant is already well known to Ahwatukee. I need to take advantage of the relationships that have already been built in before we got on to twitter. I have had such a huge advantage given to me and it hasn’t lived up to its potential….yet. I’ve already found that I like tweeting from the company’s account a little bit more than my own. People want to talk to our restaurant just as much as they want to come and watch the game with some wings and beer. I’m going to take more of an initiative with our account and build a lot more relationships.

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