Twitter Isn’t Stupid

So my buddy’s girlfriend thinks Twitter is the “most stupidest thing ever” (loose quote) in the whole world right … What cracks me up about the whole thing is she’s a HUGE subscriber and reader of People and TMZ and all that crap.  What she’s failing to realize is most of those ‘celebs’ in her magazines and drama blogs are all on twitter and actively tweet and interact with their fans online.

You’d think she’d want to get on twitter, and hear the REAL info and real news directly from the celeb’s twitter accounts and have it faster and without bias and have the potential to interact with them as if she had their cell phone number and texted them.

There are also sites that showcase all the tweets and profiles from celebrities that are on twitter and puts the all in one easy place to find them all. CelebrityTweet is one such site. You’d think she’d be all over that too, but I think ignorance blinds some people.

The moral of the story is twitter isn’t really stupid if you know how to use it for you. The way I use Twitter is not the way most people do. I could give a shit what Demi and Ashton are doing but there are people on twitter that do care – so good for them and I’m glad they use it for that.  Much like anything else, people dislike when they don’t understand something – for her it’s an easy way to poke fun of geeks but there are a ton of people using it that you’d probably not consider a geek, and many businesses are utilizing it as a very powerful marketing platform. Twitter is a change in communication and it has already dramatically changed the marketing game – twitter isn’t stupid – don’t “judge a book by its cover”.


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